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WRISE Leadership Forum

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Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE) is a national nonprofit that imagines a transformed energy ecosystem where all people and our planet thrive. WRISE accelerates the transition to a sustainable and equitable energy future by igniting the collective power of community.

2023 Leadership Forum Planning Committee: (In Formation)

  1. E'Lon Cohen Hall (WRISE National)
  2. Randa Adib (WRISE National)
  3. Alyssa Ingelido (WRISE National)
  4. Doseke Akporiaye (WRISE National)
  5. Gabrielle Lynn (WRISE National)
  6. Shanaya Byrd (WRISE National)
  7. Katy Briggs (co-chair)
  8. Noemi Gallardo (co-chair)
  9. Lauren Haller (co-chair)
  10. Serena Chen
  11. Amanda Cambrice
  12. Iman Nordin
  13. Jessica Crivas
  14. Rhonda Warehime
  15. Melissa Mansfield
  16. Summer Lanier
  17. Anne Marie Griger
  18. Kamaj Bailey
  19. Lauren Friedman
  20. Aimee Tuck
  21. Sierra Jackovics
  22. Nakhia Crossley
  23. Tammy Falco
  24. Paula Garcia
  25. Lisa Magged
  26. Meg Nyberg
  27. Kim Wells
  28. Aileen Kenney
  29. Sarah Pendergast
  30. Leanne Russell Fate
  31. Toyah Callahan
  32. Mary C Palmer
  33. Tricia Mosier
  34. April Christensen
  35. Laura Otto
  36. Eboni Taylor
  37. Katherine Gensler
  38. Anabel Njoes
  39. Therese Lavalle
  40. Rande Patterson